Who are we?

As our name states, we are a Club. This implies a group of like minded people who get together on a regular basis for social interaction, education, support, advancement and enhancement of our mutual interest, which happens to be running. As the club evolves it develops certain attributes and norms that define us as a unique entity. In order to help all our members and any considering membership, we offer the following as our “Loco Philosophy”-a set of expectations that define the Locomotion Running Club.

Care about the Group

We believe that the Club’s entire purpose is to support its members. When you participate in a pot-luck dinner you bring a dish to share with others and you get to share what everyone else has brought. LocoMotion is like that. We are only as successful as our members make us. The Club is here to support you and in turn, needs you to support it.

Saturday Runs

Some runners run faster than others; all effort has merit. In LocoMotion, no one runs alone except by choice. In view of this philosophy, those out in front should double back every couple of miles and dedicate some time to run with someone who isn’t as fast. Get to know your fellow runners. Fast runners will have plenty of time to get in a good workout. The same goes for slower runners, be considerate of the rest of the group and hop in the sag if you are too far behind. Take the opportunity to be inspired by your fellow runners, whether they run slower or faster than you. At the end of a Saturday run those arriving first should turn and congratulate each of the Club members as they finish. Call out names and offer high fives. This gives everyone the opportunity to congratulate and to be congratulated on a job well done. It also serves to keep the Club unified. It is not required, but try to join your fellow runners for stretching and bagels afterwards to enjoy your fellow club members’ company and get to know each other better.

The Power of Positive Talk

When you are with the group, take the time to compliment and encourage your fellow runners. Get to know what goals and races other runners are preparing for and use that information to cheer them on. Actively praise others as frequently as you can. Try to see that every running situation as a positive moment. See the wind as extra resistance training. Imagine the cold keeping your body temperature at its optimum. Look at challenging courses and hills as an accomplishment rather than a burden and encourage your fellow Club members while they conquer them as well. Be unrelentingly upbeat about your running, yourself and each other.

Club Involvement

The Club is sustained on volunteer labor and as a member of LocoMotion each member has the responsibility to support Club functions and participate when available and appropriate.

A. Be appreciative and support the “Sag” volunteer at every run. Say “thank you”! Let the sag driver know that you appreciate their efforts to help you with your running.

B. Volunteer to run the “Sag” at least once and sometimes twice a year.

C. Attend the Annual Club meeting each January to participate in Club elections

D. Volunteer for committees and accept opportunities to serve in Club leadership.

E. Support and assist the Club leadership in all their efforts.

  1. Work with the Executive Committee to affect needed changes in Club organization.
  2. If you feel that the above measures are not working, utilize the provisions in Article VIII and IX to initiate the changes you feel are needed.

F. Contribute to the club and in turn, enjoy what the club has to offer you.