Club History

LocoMotion Running Club
’88 – Group of running friends decides to call themselves LocoMotion.
Some of the original locos included… Bill Schmidt, George Sunderland, Larry Howell, Lona Hooley (Miller), Gary Smith, Gary Beckstead, Bill Healey, Don Bradley, Dick Reynolds, Dorene ?, Lorain Sorensen, John?, ? Blaylock, Carol Watkins and others?
’89 – The group decided to pay Bill Schmidt to coach them.
“Coach Bill” as he would be called for years after would set up runs during the week and a long run on Sat. Each run would have exercises built in and customized for each runner… Strides, sprints, tempo runs, repeats on a track (400 – 800 meters).
The St. George Marathon became their Training Goal, Coach would set up certain 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon races as part of the training regimen leading up to their goal race. All were encouraged to follow the training schedule and not miss runs or enter races other that those planned. As they followed Coach’s program all experienced significant increases in speed and endurance, they enjoyed many awards at the races they ran and many of them qualified for Boston.
’95 – Early in this year Bill Schmidt came to George Sunderland and said that he wished to relinquish his role as Leader/Coach and asked George if he would take over the Club.
George called a meeting of the members, they discussed the situation and decided on a democratic organization with an elected President. An election was held and George was elected.
Since then the Club has evolved to meet changing needs and desires of the members. From a more formal training/racing format to what lately has been described as a “social club with a running problem”. From mimeographed phone lists and calling trees to email, Facebook and a world wide web page. Coach Bill continued to have a considerable influence on the club and it’s running philosophy, He was always the “Go to Guy” for any training or injury help needed by Loco members. He would give his yearly pep talk to the Club at the “Loco Logic” meeting each spring. Much of that lecture is contained in the “Loco Philosophy” page on our website. Many people have come and gone from the Club but all that have been Loco remain part of our “Loco Family”.

Presidents of LocoMotion Running Club
A short time after the Club organized, each January a Vice President was elected and would serve for 2 years that year as VP and then would move up to serve as President the following year. In 2013 we started electing a President and Vice President to serve for one year only.

’88 to 94 Acting leader/Coach – Bill Schmidt
’95-George Sunderland ’96-Gary Beckstead
’97-Gary Smith ’98-Pat Larson
’99-Chris Lutz ’00-Jerry Munns
’01-Gary Smith
’02-Harry Corsi
’03-George Sunderland
’04-Lona Miller
’05-Kent Griffiths
’06-Mary Henderson
’07-Gayle Boyer
’08-Paula Aoki
’09-Klea Gallegos
’10-Stephanie Hoover
’11-Tammy Reynolds (Bylaws introduced)
’12-Rob Suarez (Bylaws amended)
’13-Dorrell Henderson
’14-Rachael Colledge
’15-Lori Johnson
’16-Randy Ostler
’17-Misty Suarez
’18-Travis Colledge
’19-Loic Anthian
’20-Brandon Grable
’21- George Sunderland
’22- Carl Tippets