Club Protocol

Suggested Uses of Loco Group Email

E-mail should be used for the purpose of club-related activities and communications. Defining what exactly is club-related is an abstract concept. Because the club’s leadership does not wish to be in the business of censorship, we only ask that club members give thought to the relevancy of an email before it is sent to the entire group. Please be respectful of others’ time and use your own best judgment when sending an email that will reach upwards of 70 people.

Promotion of Runs or Events that Conflict with Scheduled Club Runs

Sometimes a scheduled run does not work with our individual training schedules. If the schedule is made up and posted, an open e-mail to club members, that has the intent and effect of drawing members away from scheduled runs, is not appropriate. Many times a club member will go to much effort to host a club run or activity, and it is disrespectful to draw the group away from their efforts. If you have ideas about what to do on a particular Saturday in the future (one that is still unscheduled), PLEASE feel free to send your suggestions to the President. The Club will endeavor to include important races and events that are of interest to the Club membership.

Promotion of Sales

At no time is the club email to be used for promoting events or products for personal profit. You can, however, use the club email to let members know of great deals on equipment that we all use or sales at stores where club members get a discount. The sale of products among club members at a discounted price with no profit for any one person (GU etc) or promotion of Philanthropic and Charitable Projects is also allowed.

Philanthropic and Charitable Projects

These are GOOD and ENCOURAGED, and we welcome communication to club members about them, including the use of the Club’s group email. The members of LocoMotion Running Club have made it clear that they want the Club’s involvement in the community to extend beyond running and races. We must draw the line, however, when LocoMotion is asked to officially sponsor and/or endorse a philanthropic or charitable project. LocoMotion is NOT a qualified charitable nonprofit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (3). Dues payable to Locomotion Running Club, Inc. are NOT tax-deductible. Thus, we may run afoul of the law when we associate the club’s name with a project, particularly when tax benefits are inferred or implied. Please be mindful that each Club member’s financial willingness and ability to participate in philanthropic or charitable projects of another varies and is limited. If you choose to solicit the involvement of other Club members in your pet project, please don’t be offended if everyone does not necessarily greet your project with the same enthusiasm that you do.

Sag Wagon

Every dues-paid Loco member gets an opportunity to sag. Don’t make us beg. You know you need to do it. Go ahead, you’ll feel good for having done it.

Please remember to look over the laminated copy of rules for the Sag so as to keep everyone safe and on the same page when fulfilling their sag duties.

New Member Recruitment

LocoMotion Running Club does not aspire to be the biggest running club in the greater Salt Lake area. We do, however, want to provide the best possible running experience for our club members within the means and ability of the Club’s officers and its resources. To that end, the Club does not actively seek new members through mass marketing or mass media (internet presence notwithstanding). New members join us primarily through word of mouth and secondarily through the Club’s website. Although we have no current plans to cap the size of our “running family”, we do reserve the right to close membership to new members at any time if, in the opinion of the Club’s Executive Committee, the size of the club has become unwieldy and detrimental to the Club’s goal of providing a quality running experience. Safety issues associated with a large group of runners on the road is one important factor among many that may influence the Club’s leadership about whether to recommend closing to new members.