How to Join

Membership is open to anyone who enjoys running within a group that includes runners of most abilities. Membership dues are $50 every year. Come run with us on Saturday once or twice and find out if our club is right for you. Benefits of running with LocoMotion include:

A. The club supports a long run most Saturday mornings somewhere along the Salt Lake Valley. A monthly schedule of Saturday morning runs will be posted on our Club web site. Anyone is welcome to participate in the Saturday runs.

B. The Club running schedule is formulated to assist the members to prepare for certain goal races throughout the year – distance and intensity is varied to achieve this goal.

  1. Current goal races include but are not limited to the following: a) SLC/Boston/Ogden Marathon b) St. George Marathon

C. Unique to the LocoMotion Running Club is a “Sag wagon (Support and Gear)”, a support vehicle that follows the runners along the course and provides liquids, first aid and storage for personal clothing. (Check the current schedule for information relating to SAG volunteer opportunities)

D. The Club periodically conducts social events that include dinners, sendoff parties and club meetings. Large groups of individuals also go to out of town races together and at times coordinate travel and lodging.

E. The Club publishes a phone list for all members, to allow individuals to contact their fellow club members and arrange weekday workouts.

F. All members in good standing (Dues paid and SAG volunteered) qualify for an annual clothing item.

Download, print, fill out and sign a New Runner Profile/Waiver.

Chose Format: MSWord or Adobe PDF, give your completed New Runner Profile/Waiver and your check for $50 to either Dorrell Henderson, Travis Colledge, or any officer.

If you have any question about membership please contact us directly by using the email link below or use Contact Form at the top of the page.